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Zachary Quinto, when asked to describe the precise color blue of Chris Pine’s eyes. (x)


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Title: This is How it Works

Fandom: Law and Order: UK RPF

Characters: Jamie Bamber, Freema Agyeman

Pairing: Freema Agyeman/Jamie Bamber

Rating: Adult 

Word Count: 5,155

Author’s Notes: It was July 24th, 2008, when I first claimed I was going to write this fic.

Disclaimer: This whole thing is LIES.

“Please go ahead and screw his brains out, just don’t go falling in love with each other.”

Narrowly avoiding choking on her coffee, Freema blinked and tried to figure out what Kerry had really said, because she certainly hadn’t just suggested that Freema have sex with her costar, who happened to be Kerry’s flawless husband, Jamie Bamber. 

Old Story Beginning:

Freema would be lying if she said that she hadn’t noticed the fact that Jamie was absolutely gorgeous long before anything happened.

New Story Beginning:

“Please go ahead and screw his brains out, just don’t go falling in love with each other.”

The entire first 750 words had to be cut out or cut up and moved about.  Editing is hard but I think the new version is an improvement.
Bamber’s expression was an apology, “You are going to frighten off our friends” he told his wife. “Freema and James didn’t sign up for a latchkey party; this isn’t the 60s.”
Back to actually writing Law and Order UK lies that I started before the show even started airing.
Hands still remaining at the base of her bra, he bends his head down and runs his tongue across one of her nipples through the thin lace.
I am now at a thousand words of mostly porn RPF.  When I said ficlet, I may have lied to myself and to you.

I was just looking through the Law and Order UK RPF drafts I kept starting and not finishing because… issues? and I thought maybe rather than try and actually develop a rationale for both Jamie Bamber and Freema Agyeman being unfaithful or somehow unpartnered (Which I keep getting stuck on. Damn being happily married and thus feeling all weird and uncomfortable with what the me of yesteryear would not have even paused at!) I would try just writing a PWPish “5 Things” type ficlet entitled: 5 Hookups with Costars that Jamie Bamber didn’t actually have.  

So who would you like to read about Jamie Bamber having sex with?